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Three topics to think prior selecting data storage

This blog post was originally published in in 2016.

Data storage solutions are often complex and choosing one of many alternatives can be overwhelming.  We listed three topics to consider thoroughly when selecting a data storage solution.

1) Own needs

Lack of capacity was named as the biggest challenge in current data storages according a survey conducted by TechTarger (October 2016). Bandwidth, poor performance and scalability became second issues causing grey hairs. With this in minds, it is worth to consider what the need for capacity is now but also in the future. Rarely the amount of data stored is static or decreasing, therefore scalability is one of the things to consider. As the capacity and performance requirements are on the rise, performance issues should not be left out of the consideration.

2) Price

Budget can play an important role and even rule out some of the options. Acquisition price is however not the whole truth and should not be considered as the whole truth. In terms of price, another perspective offer to management is whether to buy storage as a service or utilize cloud storage.

3) Integration and migration

Before the choice consider also how integration and possible migration to existing solution is performed and whether some challenges are expected.

Wide selection available

It is easier to go through the various different alternatives when first taking few moments to ponder own needs, expectations and possible restrictions mirroring own criteria against the features available. Surely, there is no lack of alternatives. Next to traditional solutions have risen cloud storage and hyperconverged solutions in which server, storage and virtualization have been integrated. Cloud storage allows you benefit from scalability. Cloud storage offered at Ficolo as shared storage is a viable option to cut costs in investing in own infrastructure.

Harri Urho, Senior System Specialist (Data Center Network, Storage), worked prior Ficolo in Nokia Factory IT responsible for Nokia mobile phone factory Unix servers and storage solutions. From experience he can tell that storages are nowadays complex solutions. Due to this complexity when making your pick many issues affect which need to reflect own criteria and expectations.

Whether your selection is dedicated solutions or solutions as a service, with Ficolo you have the control over which the right solution for you. Contact us and we will tell gladly more about dedicated, cloud and hyperconverged storage solutions to help you to make the selection.