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Pinja manages its private clouds with Cloud Management Platform

Pinja renewed its private cloud services by moving them to a colocation data center hosted by Verne Global Finland. At the same time, Pinja took advantage of Cloud Management Platform.

Pinja renewed its private cloud services by moving them to a colocation data center hosted by Verne Global Finland. At the same time, Pinja took advantage of the Cloud Management Platform, a comprehensive system for managing hybrid and multi-cloud environments. With it, Pinja achieved transparency into its own private cloud.

“With CMP, we can also provide administrative and business roles with visibility into the managed environment and capacity.” Jari Alamaa, Service Manager, Cloud Services, Pinja

Read Pinja’s case study and learn all the benefits the Cloud Management Platform. The Cloud Management Platform is a complete solution for managing hybrid and multi-cloud environments, based on Morpheus Data’s award winning technology, suitable for both in-house use and for service providers to manage customer environments.

Colocation Customer Story: Unikie

Read Unikie's customer case and learn how Verne Global Finland was selected as the supplier fo a high quality colocation solution.

Unikie was looking for a reliable supplier that could deliver a high quality colocation solution for their customer’s research environment in a short timeframe. Verne Global Finland was selected based on the recommendation of another client – a decision Unikie has not regretted. Verne Global delivered a tailor-made solution in a couple of months, and now Unikie’s Chief Business Officer Rauno Vänni sleeps well at night. Read the whole customer case.

“We were professional buyers in the sense that we had our own team with very specific requirements in terms of hardware and service contract. We were looking for another professional supplier who would immediately understand our needs and be able to respond flexibly and quickly. The recommendation from our client was so strong that we didn’t really even consider other suppliers.” Rauno Vänni, Unikie Oy Chief Business Officer

Unikie required: 

Verne Global Finland provided:

Customer Success Story – Elinar delivers Cloud-based AI

Originally published in in 2018.

80% of business data and information is unstructured and difficult to process for business benefits – and this data is growing exponentially. Business processes are becoming increasingly dependent on information and processing it. Ficolo’s customer Elinar helps data intensive organizations transform their data into business value. Their AI Miner has won the IBM Watson Build award in competition with 700 applications.

The data Elinar is helping their customers to manage, is located in Ficolo Pori Data Center. Ficolo provides the hardware space, connectivity services and data security services such as firewalls to Elinar. Elinar’s customers have extremely high standards for data security, as many of them have to meet government regulations. Ficolo secures Elinar’s data in multiple layers, as shown in the picture below.

Green values are an important factor for Elinar and has become an established aspect of their everyday routine. Environmental concerns can be addressed in IT by optimizing electricity consumption and virtualization. The underground location of The Rock Data Center reduces the amount of energy needed for cooling the racks and thus makes the Ficolo Data Center extremely energy efficient, well below average PUE of data centers. All of the energy used in Ficolo Data Center is 100 % wind power. The customers, including Elinar, pay only the electricity they use and the energy consumption can be viewed in real time in our customer portal.

Elinar aims to understand their customers’ needs and service-mindedness. Customer satisfaction is also particularly important for Ficolo. We have a customer care and technical help available for our customers 24 hours a day, each day of the year. The expertise of our specialists’ and staff will save your time and resources, as well as complement the know-how of our customers, such as Elinar.

Cloud Provider Case: Solita

The article was originally published in in 2014

An expert in digital business, cloud provider Solita Ltd develops new business and services through private businesses and pubic communities for each Finnish citizen. The services cover from planning to execution the solutions, and maintaining and developing the digitalized business environments.

The cooperation of Ficolo and Solita is based on a model in which Ficolo produces the colocation data center services and server platforms. Solita produces the actual cloud service to its own customers. Thousands of Finns encounter Solita’s services daily; one example of these digital services is Lupapiste.

Lupapiste is a virtual working environment which serves private persons, businesses and communities but also authorities in permission and notification matters. Through Lupapiste one can enquire construction projects in all municipalities; electronic permits are used in dozens of towns. Lupapiste services do not only ease the process but also saves time and money of the permit requestor as well as of the receiver.

Comprehensive services

Solita’s and Ficolo’s close cooperation is based on Bare-Metal Cloud, concept produced by Ficolo, which combines server environment, data security and Ficolo’s operator cloud connection services. With the help of the operator cloud Ficolo allows a direct connection to a multi- carrier networks for customers. Redundant carrier connections are securing each other.

For Solita the key benefits of employing Ficolo’s services are flexibility and cost effectiveness, says Iiro Uusitalo, DevOps Specialist at Solita. Altogether with Ficolo’s services Solita is able to provide its customers more comprehensive services. To Lupapiste and its users domestic based services are essential, therefore Solita benefits from Ficolo’s Finnish location- Solita can provide its customers Finnish cloud capacity.

Main element for Solita is that Ficolo enables Solita’s future growth and expansion. “It was easy to negotiate with Ficolo and discuss about future plans “ reminisces Uusitalo the feelings during the selection process “The cooperation will surely deepen and expand further” describes Uusitalo impressions about the cooperation between these companies.

Solita Ltd: