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Synergy benefits worth of honey

The blog post was originally posted in in 2016.

Colocation data centers are multi-tenant environments in which tenants benefit from each other. Ficolo got recently new tenants to its data center area looking exactly these synergy effects.

They had some requirements of which Ficolo had no problems of fulfilling. These were for instance “flying” connections to the nearby area and economies of scale. They also hoped for privacy in terms of own dedicated area.

These requests are some of the usual benefits of colocation data center. We were able to meet their demands with no questions although the dedicated area is quite unusual. Although having a natural environment of Finnish bedrock, these tenants were actually looking for even greener grass. The flying connections they had of their own.

Colocation co-operation

As one might already guess, the tenants in question are not regular customers. The flying connections and own area is dedicated to hundreds of thousands of honeybees.

A local bee farmer contacted Ficolo in search for a place. As Ficolo owns land around the tunnels, a suitable and natural place for the bees was quite easily found.

We were able to support the local entrepreneur as we had a suitable place for the bees. This supports our environmental policy as well. It is great to think that cloud delivery service provider has also production of honey ongoing in the same estate. in terms of users, or in this case inhabitants, this environment might be the largest.

This is a truly an example how companies can really benefit from each other across the borders!