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The coolest place for your data

Aerial view of windmills with blue frozen river in snow winter

Finland offers favorable cool climate for data center operations thanks to various factors:

  • Great availability of green energy, reliable stable grid and one of the lowest energy prices in Europe
  • Geographical location with low risk for natural disasters e.g. no  hurricane-force winds or volcanic activity
  • Legislative transparency, zero currency risk and EU compliance
  • Competitively priced internet connections and other connectivity services
  • Cool climate significantly reduces the need for cooling, savings on money and energy
  • In addition to the cool climate, solid bedrock and uniquely stable society, Finland offers the most cost-efficient and lowest latency location for digital platforms between Europe, USA and Asia


Availability of green energy
Zero currency risk, EU compliance
Geographical location with low risk for natural disasters


Leader in sustainability

Finland was ranked as the top country in Robeco Country Sustainability Ranking, outperforming the EU average across all 15 ESG criteria. Strong energy and environmental policies were the differentiators from other Nordic countries.

Read more The Read more button links to the int/insights/2022/09/finland once again the worlds sustainability champion page. Follow this link to find out more.