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Climate Neutral Company

Verne Global Finland holds The Climate Neutral Company certification granted by South Pole. This means that we are truly committed to environmentally friendly operations and third-party climate neutral certifications to prove the commitment.

Leading the way in sustainability

Cloud services have a significant environmental impact. Worldwide, data centers use around two percent of all the electricity produced, and this figure is estimated to rise to eight percent by the end of the decade. Companies wanting to procure cloud services, and that care about their reputation, should ensure their service provider is committed to sustainable operations.

Emission reporting The Emission reporting button links to the reporting/ page. Follow this link to find out more.


Climate neutral operations

Solar panels

We are committed to environmentally friendly operations. Along to paying attention to all our operations’ environmental friendliness, there are a few key features we would like to hihlight. These make us the leaders in data center sustainability and key factors in having the climate neutral certificate: Own Solar Power Plant on top of The Rock data center ( View here to follow the power plant production in real time), Waste heat recovery at The Air data center and 100% renewable energy.