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Smart Hands Services – How Raisoft’s Expectations Were Exceeded

The Rock data center tunnel hall
The Rock data center tunnel hall

Smart Hands services are an essential part of data center services. The services refer to Ficolo technical resources to quickly respond to customer work orders. Thanks to strong, ISO certified framework, the smart hand team can work as an extension of your in-house IT team.

Raisoft is a software company which has been relying on Ficolo’s colocation and connectivity services as well as Smart Hands services for many years. In this post you can read the customer’s comments on the services provided.

Although customers themselves can access and work in the data center, this is not always possible or cost efficient. When there is a lack of in-house resources or know-how, it may be beneficial to utilize Ficolo’s resources. Having technical staff on standby can greatly reduce the frequency of server downtimes and service interruptions. Often tasks are performed faster than with own resources, especially if taking into account planning and travel time.

“Ficolo’s Smart Hands services have exceeded my expectations every time I request something. “ Nathaniel Snethlage, DevOps Consultant, Raisoft

“Ficolo’s Smart Hands services have exceeded my expectations every time I request something. When you request something, you would expect a 24-hour turnaround time, often it is under one hour from my experience”, states Nathaniel Snethlage DevOps Consultant for Raisoft. The latest customer satisfaction survey results confirm that the majority of our customers feel the same: more than 80% of respondents agreed that support requests are performed well and quickly.

“As Ficolo staff has so much experience and they don’t make you feel like a nuisance, I also ask their opinions on how to solve problems I have in other environments with other data center providers. Their help for my other environments often comes faster and with better advice than what I get from the “Smart Hands” at these other data centers” continues Snethlage.

Benefits of Smart Hands

Because Smart Hands services let you exploit the capabilities of an expert organization truly focused on IT tasks, they allow you to benefit from:

Ficolo Smart Hands

Technician and Professional Services

Ficolo Smart Hands services are divided into Technician and Professional work. Ficolo Technician services in brief include all physical work at the data center such as:

Professional services consist of e.g.:

Ficolo has also duty personnel to perform tasks 24/7 including emergency work or planned work outside office hours. Service requests are typically invoiced by time used in half an hour intervals, but can also be ordered as packaged solutions with certain number of agreed hours per month

“We are in this together”

The services are not limited to the above-mentioned tasks, but any related tasks the customer asks for can be performed. Raisoft’s Snethlage appreciates that Ficolo gives suggestions and opinions on what could be a solution or a better way to solve the problem. “But if you say: nope I want to keep my not as good way”, they don’t make you feel dumb”, he adds.

“When I request something, I don’t have to spell out to the smallest detail what I want. Ficolo’s technicians/engineers seem to have a lot of experience so they understand what I want even from little detail. They always communicate in a way making you feel like “we are in this together”. And that is exactly how it should go – at best Smart Hands services feel like your own extended resource.”

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