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PCI DSS – Certified With Payment Card Industry’s Security Standard

Originally published in in 2021.

For anyone accepting credit card payments, compliance with PCI DSS standards is a must. Ficolo is certified to provide PCI DSS compliant data center space, offering the highest level of safety for payment infrastructures, confirming Ficolo as a leading colocation provider. Deploy a secure cloud infrastructure for online payments and ensure your customers’ card data is secure.

Why is PCI DSS important?

PCI DSS or Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is a set of security standards formed by major payment card companies. Its aim is to protect credit and debit card information against data theft or fraud and offers a framework for developing robust security processes, for prevention, detection and appropriate reactions to security incidents.

Ficolo facilities are now PCI DSS compliant offering our customers sustainable and secure colocation and private cloud supporting their PCI compliance needs. All access to PCI DSS compliant data center space is strictly limited to authorized persons only and the access is managed and monitored by Ficolo’s access control management system, keeping up to date log of each person accessing the space.

Even if your company does not process card payment information, the certification serves as proof of Ficolo’s security processes. It is complementary to our data centers’ existing security and adds another set of criteria for compliance to secure cardholder data.

Certified data centers – for 10 years

New security certification alongside previously achieved ISO 27001, ISO 22301 and Katakri IV as well as Climate Neutrality, PCI DSS is a next major step for Ficolo. From our beginnings 10 years ago, we have strived to develop our operations to match and exceed our customers’ expectations and are poised to continue doing so. Acquiring new certifications serves as a continuous proof that we offer state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure to all customers from any industry, from finance or energy sectors to media companies and anything in between.

Build your payment infrastructure with Ficolo’s PCI DSS certified services.