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Digital 9 Infrastructure acquires Ficolo

Ficolo’s owners, Taaleri and Pontos, and the company’s management have sold their shares in Ficolo Oy to UK-based Digital 9 Infrastructure plc (Ticker: DGI9). All Ficolo services will continue as before. Ficolo executive management will continue with the company, and also reinvest into the company.

Digital 9 Infrastructure plc invests in the infrastructure of the internet that underpins the world’s digital economy: digital infrastructure. The number 9 in Digital 9 Infrastructure comes from the UN Sustainable Development Goal 9, which focuses the fund on investments that increase connectivity globally and improve the sustainability of digital infrastructure.

“Sustainability has been at the heart of Ficolo since our inception. For example, all our operations are certified climate neutral. Digital 9 is a great owner for us, and with their help we can further improve our operations. Our future goal is to be carbon negative,” says Seppo Ihalainen, CEO of Ficolo.

“The deal is also proof that our operating concept is effective. We offer the best of cloud computing and data centres – every customer gets a solution that is tailored to their needs and designed specifically for them. The deal will give us greater international connectivity.”

Digital 9 has invested more than £600 million since its 2021 IPO, acquiring companies such as Icelandic data centre company Verne Global and, in April 2022, London data centre company Volta.

The deal is subject to approval by the Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy and is expected to close during the end of the year.