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HCI Cloud

Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI cloud) combines the benefits of both private and public clouds. While providing its own dedicated hardware, it allows flexible scalability after an initial commit level.

HCI is based on software defined infrastructure, which uses virtualization for every aspect of a traditionally, hardware-based server system. In this more simple system, the HCI contains virtualized processing (hypervisor), software-based storage and virtual networking.


HCI Platform

Verne Global Finland offers a HCI based solution, in which the customer subscribes to a private HCI Cloud, with virtualized, dedicated hyper-converged capacity. The offering includes redundant firewall services, virtual network services and switches, as well as the capacity and storage infrastructure. The service is produced with VMware and vSAN software in a virtualized, private cloud. We recommend that the customer also takes on a multi-cloud service, along with the HCI to provide structured sub-clouds to host services for their own customers. The HCI environment does not exclude other cloud services offered by Verne Global Finland.

The HCI platform is most useful and most suited to be used when there are not massive amounts of archived data which is rarely accessed, but does require the data to be rapidly retrieved and saved within the system. The system can be optimized for performance or for capacity. When using the Performance option, the system requires double the amount of storage capacity as a fault tolerant, redundancy measure. The customer can choose to reduce the used resources by compression and deduplication, but this will be done with a CPU process within the VM, using its resources which reduces the system’s overall read/write performance (IOPS).


Cloud Management Platform

Cloud Management Platform is an easy-to-use cloud management and orchestration platform designed to manage customer’s public, private and hybrid cloud environments. Provides agility, control and efficiency

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