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Home for Clouds

The article was originally published in in 2016

More and more cloud services are housed in a colocation data center, states a recent report from Gartner. No surprise that also Ficolo data center is home for global cloud services. Ficolo provides software company Modultek with a SaaS – service environment which contains colocation, connectivity and data security services.

”Ficolo’s environment helps us provide high-quality, safe, cost effective cloud services. We trust their expertise and service capabilities,” says Janne Jansson, Modultek’s Business Director.

Modultek cloud service is designed to be used for product information management. Customers using the service have hundreds of thousands different product designations and the need to transfer large documents. These factors set certain demands to the cloud service and challenge the data center partner. Excellent usability plays an important role at all situations.

Colocation and cloud services are not choices between alternatives, quite the contrary, states the Gartner report. In an ever-changing world many companies see colocation as more viable, flexible and secure alternative opposed to investing capital for decades for building an own data center.

Components for cloud service

Ficolo offers the components for producing global, secure cloud services. As a part of new Cloud Delivery – concept Ficolo can offer DDoS Protection Services and strong authentication solution, which Modultek utilizes in its cloud service. “Ficolo was able to provide extremely advanced technologies for data security and the prevention of denial of service attacks,” Jansson says.

Ficolo aims to develop the Cloud Delivery concept further by expanding the service and product portfolio. The solutions for DDoS protection and strong authentication services have been implemented first as the role of data security plays a very important role when it comes to cloud services and secure data connections. These services are also components which complement perfectly the services of any colocation customers.