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Customer Success Story: Onnisys

Originally published in in 2020.

Onnisys provides comprehensive IT services and solutions. In 2013 the company was searching for a data center partner. “Ficolo’s data center was meeting all our requirements, not to mention the requirements of our customers.  We can fairly and proudly say to our customers that Ficolo is our data center partner” describe the executives of the company Juha Moisio and Olavi Pelanti.

The requirements included a modern data center with standard meeting backup systems, access monitoring and security measures in place. In addition, Ficolo being a Finnish provider with a suitable service portfolio for an IT company played a role.

“During these seven years of cooperation the quality of the data center has only improved with e.g. official certifications. Finnish data center provider and security are issues that end-users typically emphasize and are tackled with Ficolo as provider.” tells Olavi Pelanti. 

Tailored services 

Onnisys provides services to companies ranging from medium-sized to publicly held companies and the variety of end-users is wide.  Ficolo’s services are in the core of the company’s business. Ficolo serves Onnisys with data center and connectivity services delivered from The Rock Data Center.

The vision of transforming companies’ business to cloud delivery business model becomes real with Onnisys. In addition to server capacity, Onnisys also offers application layer solutions as well as maintenance and monitoring services. The wide range of expertise is the strength of Onnisys. The experts of the company can help you with servers, but also with applications and databases. The company also provides planning and consultant services. Customers are served with specially designed solutions and with customer oriented approach. For example, with dedicated capacity service the customer also receives planning of the server connectivity and check of security issues.

When it comes to Ficolo’s services, indeed the customizability is appreciated by Onnisys. For an IT company, the perfect solution was to decide what is kept inhouse and then choose the exact services that are required from Ficolo service portfolio. Ficolo did not offer any ready -packaged services, but instead a solution tailored according to customer needs. And when needed, additional services or capacity can be easily acquired based on customer’s specifications.

Especially satisfied Onnisys has been with Ficolo’s customer service. “Ficolo’s service is really smooth and fast. Smart Hand requests are performed quickly and sometimes even with little information they nail it.  Last minute requests are also done quickly and well” describes Juha Moisio.