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Customer Success Story – Elinar delivers Cloud-based AI

Originally published in in 2018.

80% of business data and information is unstructured and difficult to process for business benefits – and this data is growing exponentially. Business processes are becoming increasingly dependent on information and processing it. Ficolo’s customer Elinar helps data intensive organizations transform their data into business value. Their AI Miner has won the IBM Watson Build award in competition with 700 applications.

The data Elinar is helping their customers to manage, is located in Ficolo Pori Data Center. Ficolo provides the hardware space, connectivity services and data security services such as firewalls to Elinar. Elinar’s customers have extremely high standards for data security, as many of them have to meet government regulations. Ficolo secures Elinar’s data in multiple layers, as shown in the picture below.

Green values are an important factor for Elinar and has become an established aspect of their everyday routine. Environmental concerns can be addressed in IT by optimizing electricity consumption and virtualization. The underground location of The Rock Data Center reduces the amount of energy needed for cooling the racks and thus makes the Ficolo Data Center extremely energy efficient, well below average PUE of data centers. All of the energy used in Ficolo Data Center is 100 % wind power. The customers, including Elinar, pay only the electricity they use and the energy consumption can be viewed in real time in our customer portal.

Elinar aims to understand their customers’ needs and service-mindedness. Customer satisfaction is also particularly important for Ficolo. We have a customer care and technical help available for our customers 24 hours a day, each day of the year. The expertise of our specialists’ and staff will save your time and resources, as well as complement the know-how of our customers, such as Elinar.