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Colocation Customer Story: Unikie

Read Unikie's customer case and learn how Verne Global Finland was selected as the supplier fo a high quality colocation solution.

Unikie was looking for a reliable supplier that could deliver a high quality colocation solution for their customer’s research environment in a short timeframe. Verne Global Finland was selected based on the recommendation of another client – a decision Unikie has not regretted. Verne Global delivered a tailor-made solution in a couple of months, and now Unikie’s Chief Business Officer Rauno Vänni sleeps well at night. Read the whole customer case.

“We were professional buyers in the sense that we had our own team with very specific requirements in terms of hardware and service contract. We were looking for another professional supplier who would immediately understand our needs and be able to respond flexibly and quickly. The recommendation from our client was so strong that we didn’t really even consider other suppliers.” Rauno Vänni, Unikie Oy Chief Business Officer

Unikie required: 

Verne Global Finland provided: