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Infographic: How Pinja Took Control Of Their Multi-Cloud Journey

Download the infographic and see how Pinja took control of their multi-cloud journey.

The article was originally published in in 2022.

Many organizations are struggling to cope with the chaos of managing the multi-cloud. Ficolo Cloud Management Platform empowers you to take control. Download the infographic and see how Pinja took control of their multi-cloud journey.


Download the infographic

Smart Hands Services – How Raisoft’s Expectations Were Exceeded

The Rock data center tunnel hall
The Rock data center tunnel hall

Smart Hands services are an essential part of data center services. The services refer to Ficolo technical resources to quickly respond to customer work orders. Thanks to strong, ISO certified framework, the smart hand team can work as an extension of your in-house IT team.

Raisoft is a software company which has been relying on Ficolo’s colocation and connectivity services as well as Smart Hands services for many years. In this post you can read the customer’s comments on the services provided.

Although customers themselves can access and work in the data center, this is not always possible or cost efficient. When there is a lack of in-house resources or know-how, it may be beneficial to utilize Ficolo’s resources. Having technical staff on standby can greatly reduce the frequency of server downtimes and service interruptions. Often tasks are performed faster than with own resources, especially if taking into account planning and travel time.

“Ficolo’s Smart Hands services have exceeded my expectations every time I request something. “ Nathaniel Snethlage, DevOps Consultant, Raisoft

“Ficolo’s Smart Hands services have exceeded my expectations every time I request something. When you request something, you would expect a 24-hour turnaround time, often it is under one hour from my experience”, states Nathaniel Snethlage DevOps Consultant for Raisoft. The latest customer satisfaction survey results confirm that the majority of our customers feel the same: more than 80% of respondents agreed that support requests are performed well and quickly.

“As Ficolo staff has so much experience and they don’t make you feel like a nuisance, I also ask their opinions on how to solve problems I have in other environments with other data center providers. Their help for my other environments often comes faster and with better advice than what I get from the “Smart Hands” at these other data centers” continues Snethlage.

Benefits of Smart Hands

Because Smart Hands services let you exploit the capabilities of an expert organization truly focused on IT tasks, they allow you to benefit from:

Ficolo Smart Hands

Technician and Professional Services

Ficolo Smart Hands services are divided into Technician and Professional work. Ficolo Technician services in brief include all physical work at the data center such as:

Professional services consist of e.g.:

Ficolo has also duty personnel to perform tasks 24/7 including emergency work or planned work outside office hours. Service requests are typically invoiced by time used in half an hour intervals, but can also be ordered as packaged solutions with certain number of agreed hours per month

“We are in this together”

The services are not limited to the above-mentioned tasks, but any related tasks the customer asks for can be performed. Raisoft’s Snethlage appreciates that Ficolo gives suggestions and opinions on what could be a solution or a better way to solve the problem. “But if you say: nope I want to keep my not as good way”, they don’t make you feel dumb”, he adds.

“When I request something, I don’t have to spell out to the smallest detail what I want. Ficolo’s technicians/engineers seem to have a lot of experience so they understand what I want even from little detail. They always communicate in a way making you feel like “we are in this together”. And that is exactly how it should go – at best Smart Hands services feel like your own extended resource.”

We are happy to tell you more about our services, contact us with [email protected]

Customer Success Story: Onnisys

Originally published in in 2020.

Onnisys provides comprehensive IT services and solutions. In 2013 the company was searching for a data center partner. “Ficolo’s data center was meeting all our requirements, not to mention the requirements of our customers.  We can fairly and proudly say to our customers that Ficolo is our data center partner” describe the executives of the company Juha Moisio and Olavi Pelanti.

The requirements included a modern data center with standard meeting backup systems, access monitoring and security measures in place. In addition, Ficolo being a Finnish provider with a suitable service portfolio for an IT company played a role.

“During these seven years of cooperation the quality of the data center has only improved with e.g. official certifications. Finnish data center provider and security are issues that end-users typically emphasize and are tackled with Ficolo as provider.” tells Olavi Pelanti. 

Tailored services 

Onnisys provides services to companies ranging from medium-sized to publicly held companies and the variety of end-users is wide.  Ficolo’s services are in the core of the company’s business. Ficolo serves Onnisys with data center and connectivity services delivered from The Rock Data Center.

The vision of transforming companies’ business to cloud delivery business model becomes real with Onnisys. In addition to server capacity, Onnisys also offers application layer solutions as well as maintenance and monitoring services. The wide range of expertise is the strength of Onnisys. The experts of the company can help you with servers, but also with applications and databases. The company also provides planning and consultant services. Customers are served with specially designed solutions and with customer oriented approach. For example, with dedicated capacity service the customer also receives planning of the server connectivity and check of security issues.

When it comes to Ficolo’s services, indeed the customizability is appreciated by Onnisys. For an IT company, the perfect solution was to decide what is kept inhouse and then choose the exact services that are required from Ficolo service portfolio. Ficolo did not offer any ready -packaged services, but instead a solution tailored according to customer needs. And when needed, additional services or capacity can be easily acquired based on customer’s specifications.

Especially satisfied Onnisys has been with Ficolo’s customer service. “Ficolo’s service is really smooth and fast. Smart Hand requests are performed quickly and sometimes even with little information they nail it.  Last minute requests are also done quickly and well” describes Juha Moisio.

Netox Ltd: Security Certified Partner

data center racks
data center racks

This post was originally published in website.

Netox Oy provides comprehensive IT services based on cybersecurity solutions. Netox is always looking at data security and continuity of services for its customers,” says Niko Candelin, Netox’s Development Director and Chairman of the Board. As a guarantee of the quality and security of their services, Netox has been awarded ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 20 000-1 and ITIL 4 Quality and Service Management certifications.

Netox logo

International research collaboration, leading technology solutions and industry best practices

Netox is a total IT services provider specialising in cyber security solutions. Netox acts as a trusted partner to the company and is actively involved in security and data protection work with the company’s own staff.

International cooperation keeps cybersecurity on the cutting edge

Netox is actively involved in international cybersecurity development in several projects. Continuous development ensures that Netox stays on the cutting edge of current aspects of cybersecurity and has an in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies, such as machine learning and the use of artificial intelligence as part of a functioning whole.

Netox participates in international, domestic and EU-level projects, contributing to a thorough understanding of legislation and developments in the field.

Global technology leaders as partners

In addition to the expertise that projects bring, Netox relies on the high-quality systems provided by technology leaders. Netox also has ongoing partnerships with companies such as IBM, Microsoft and Cisco.

Netox holds the most important international certifications that reflect the quality of its people, processes and solutions. Regular and independent audits of these certificates ensure that the business remains compliant:

Ficolo’s services for Netox include connectivity services in addition to facilities management services. The colocation model provides the conditions for a good cooperation, where both can focus on their respective business activities without overlaps.

Netox Ltd.

Colocation in Finland: Case Resellers Panels

The Rock data center tunnel hall

This post was originally published in website in 2015.

The attractiveness of Nordic countries in terms of data centers have been in the discussion already a while. A naturally cool environment, stable political and geographical conditions lure investors, companies and customers.

“Ficolo’s facilities combine excellent energy efficiency and security solutions are first-class. Foremost important factor to our clients are connections routed directly to end customers through operator’s network added with great customer service and competitive prices.”

Kalin Blaskoff, CEO of LiquidNet/Resellers Panel

LiquidNet Ltd is one of those who saw the potential and the favourable conditions in Finland. Having multiple hosting locations, adding Finland to one of them became a current topic to reach customers in Northern Europe and Russia. LiquidNet‘s product Free Reseller Hosting Program allows its customers to set up a hosting business with a low budget. Offering a range of locations from which customers can choose the best suitable for them is crucial

LiquidNet Ltd is one of those who saw the potential and the favourable conditions in Finland. Having multiple hosting locations, adding Finland to one of them became a current topic to reach customers in Northern Europe and Russia. LiquidNet‘s product Free Reseller Hosting Program allows its customers to set up a hosting business with a low budget. Offering a range of locations from which customers can choose the best suitable for them is crucial.

Gateway to Russia and Scandinavia

Plans to expand to Russian, Northern European and Scandinavian markets triggered the need to find a colocation data center near to these markets. Finland offers the best location for this with good geographical location, affordable, green energy prices and fast and competitively priced connections, states co-owner and CEO of LiquidNet, Kalin Blaskoff.

Settling to one of the tunnels in Ficolo’s bedrock data center was driven by these factors. Ficolo’s location and facilities combine excellent energy efficiency and usage of green energy was an important aspect for us, Kalin Blaskoff explains. The security solutions are first-class but foremost important factor to our clients are connections – connections routed directly to end customers through operator’s network. Great customer service and competitive prices, summarizes Blaskoff the service, and continues that from this perspective it will be easy to continue the cooperation.

Facts LiquidNet Ltd:

Cloud Provider Case: Solita

The article was originally published in in 2014

An expert in digital business, cloud provider Solita Ltd develops new business and services through private businesses and pubic communities for each Finnish citizen. The services cover from planning to execution the solutions, and maintaining and developing the digitalized business environments.

The cooperation of Ficolo and Solita is based on a model in which Ficolo produces the colocation data center services and server platforms. Solita produces the actual cloud service to its own customers. Thousands of Finns encounter Solita’s services daily; one example of these digital services is Lupapiste.

Lupapiste is a virtual working environment which serves private persons, businesses and communities but also authorities in permission and notification matters. Through Lupapiste one can enquire construction projects in all municipalities; electronic permits are used in dozens of towns. Lupapiste services do not only ease the process but also saves time and money of the permit requestor as well as of the receiver.

Comprehensive services

Solita’s and Ficolo’s close cooperation is based on Bare-Metal Cloud, concept produced by Ficolo, which combines server environment, data security and Ficolo’s operator cloud connection services. With the help of the operator cloud Ficolo allows a direct connection to a multi- carrier networks for customers. Redundant carrier connections are securing each other.

For Solita the key benefits of employing Ficolo’s services are flexibility and cost effectiveness, says Iiro Uusitalo, DevOps Specialist at Solita. Altogether with Ficolo’s services Solita is able to provide its customers more comprehensive services. To Lupapiste and its users domestic based services are essential, therefore Solita benefits from Ficolo’s Finnish location- Solita can provide its customers Finnish cloud capacity.

Main element for Solita is that Ficolo enables Solita’s future growth and expansion. “It was easy to negotiate with Ficolo and discuss about future plans “ reminisces Uusitalo the feelings during the selection process “The cooperation will surely deepen and expand further” describes Uusitalo impressions about the cooperation between these companies.

Solita Ltd: